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          Contribute to sustainable development / Strive to be the benchmark company

          CHANGZHOU DEYI PRINTING & DYEING CO., LTD is a manufacturing enterprise mainly specialized in jeans fabric production, and with full process of dyeing, weaving and finishing. Equipped with four slasher dyeing lines, two rope dyeing lines, over 300 rapiers, one sanforizing machine, one desizing machine, and one Monforts branded heat-setting line, mill’s annual capacity reaches 30 million meters.


          According to the requirements of the 12th Five Year Plan for scientific and technological progress of China's textile industry, textile enterprises must take the road of environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable development. All enterprises should make efforts to eliminate backward production facilities and accelerate the industrial upgrading, by making full use of the latest technology of environmental protection and recycling resources, by replacing the low efficient equipment with modern facilities which has good performance on energy conservation and pollution reduction.


          The company has been proactively implementing the requirements of the Plan, taking on social responsibility, and insisting on sustainable development of environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction.


          In terms of environmental protection, the company has been devoting as the following,

          1. On one side, the sales team can receive the latest market trends from well-known brands like Levi’s, Kiabi. One the other side, the purchasing team is working with and by cooperating with reliable yarn suppliers both in China and abroad. The R&D team has been developing a large number of sustainable qualities by using different kinds of green material, such as certified recycle cotton, recycle polyester, Unifi Ocean Repreve recycle polyester, organic cotton etc. Now the production amount of such sustainable fabrics has accounted for 35% to 40% of the annual output.

          2. The company invested and installed a set of odor treatment and collection system adopting three-stage spray technology in 2017 to dispel smell after sewage disposal. The exhaust sprayed through water, alkali and sodium hypochlorite can meet the national standard, and be discarded into atmosphere.

          3. The emission of gas generated by heat-setting machine not only causes pollution, but also waste enormous amounts of heat. When the company installed Monforts heat-setting machine, a set of electrostatic fume separation system was added. This equipment integrates multiple techniques, including exhaust spraying, oil-water separation, water recycling, waste heat utilization, oil collection, and it brings positive effects of removing smoke and dust as well as recycling heat and oil.

          4. The company put great efforts on the development and promotion of natural dyeing. Natural dyeing with vegetable dyeing stuff is eco-friendly and healthy to human beings, as it can avoid the usage of huge amount of chemical dyestuff. Test report shows the COD amount in wastewater of natural dyeing is much less than that in chemical dyeing wastewater. Here is the test results.

          Test date: July/12/2016

          Test Items

          Wastewater sample of Natural dyeing

          Wastewater sample of Chemical dyeing

          Test Standard

          COD mg/L




          TP mg/L




          TN mg/L




          AN mg/L




          It can be seen that all the indicators of vegetable dyeing wastewater is far lower than that of synthetic dyeing wastewater, especially the COD amount is 80% less, which can be concluded natural dyeing is better for our earth.

          COD (Chemical oxygen demand) is used to measure the water ecosystem. The higher the index is, the less conducive it is to the growth or even survival of aquatic organisms. The low COD of natural dyes indicates it has little effect on the growth of water-based organisms. It has been proved by experiments that the Chlorophytum and Alternanthera philoxeroides is able to grow well enough in sewage of natural dyes.

          Another advantage of natural dyeing is that simplification of sewage treatment. As the dyestuff is natural and can be degraded by microorganisms, the wastewater can be recycled and achieve the goal of near-zero emission, which conforms to the current trend of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.

          With great efforts of promotion, the production quantity of natural dyeing fabric has reaches 5-10% of total annual output now, although this special dyeing technique is with relatively high cost and limited to specific market. The company has been verified as base of vegetable dyeing development by CNTAC.


          In aspect of energy conservation and emission reduction, the company has been applying technical transformation and has achieved remarkable results. By using advanced resource recycling technique, the steam water of cylinders can be collected and recycle to the greatest extent.

          The average monthly consumption of water is around 15000 tons, and that of steam is merely 5000 tons. Equipped with the efficient recycling system, 4500 tons of hot water can be recycled every month, and widely used for dissolving chemicals, washing and bathing. The rate of recycle water reaches 23% of the total water consumption.

          According to the collection of 4500 tons of thermal wastewater (about 70-80 ℃) every month, and assuming the same amount of water be heated from 20℃ to 70 ℃, it is calculated equivalently to save about 250000 kwh of electricity, 28 tons of coal and 22500 cubic meters of natural gas.

          Counting by 25 million meters of fabric per year, we can save 2.2kg of water and 0.15 degree of electricity per meter of fabric. The effect of water saving, energy saving and emission reduction is significant.

          No matter how the market changes in the future, upholding to the concept of environmental protection, the company will not forget original aspiration, and continues to save energy resources and reduce emission by actively adopting new materials, new processes, and new equipment,

          Contributing to sustainable development production and becoming the benchmark enterprise in the industry is our goal.

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